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Support us with a bale or two or three now!



While we are sharing stories about the ‘normal’ farm life with you, the worry about how to pay the next feed bill or the wages is never far from our minds.

Predictions at the moment forecast that 1 in 4 tourism businesses will not survive the current crisis caused by Covid 19.

We are and will be fighting for the survival of the alpaca herd. The support we receive from our staff and many others is humbling.

#DreamNow and #TravelLater

As a thank-you we will send you a link which will allow you to download a surprise picture or two of our alpacas.
Donations will be used for maintaining the alpaca herd, general farming expenses and staff wages.

Update August 2020: The Alpaca Loom is open to the public again, and our business has recovered in many aspects. Should you still like to donate, we do appreciate your support very much!

Thank you to all those that have helped and are still helping us overcome the Corona crisis. A Cheers to you!