It is a long road – From the fiber grown on our beautiful alpacas to the finest handmade item:

Before shearing we have been tending to our alpacas for the whole year.

In September every year we are finally reaping the reward – a clip of super soft and lustrous wool.

During shearing, the different qualities are bagged separately, preventing contamination of the prime part of each animal’s fleece which is called the blanket or saddle.

Although the alpacas are cleaned with a blower before shearing, some contamination – mainly vegetable matter – remains. It gets picked out by hand.

Alpacas love to dust-bathe. Tumbling helps us to reduce the amount of sand and dust further.

We are currently outsourcing the spinning process. Graded batches of raw fiber are sent to the mill to be washed, carded and spun into the most amazing yarns.

When weaving two sets of yarn – warp and weft – are interwoven to form a fabric. We use table looms as well as floor looms.

Finishing of the product after weaving not only entails knotting or hemming of fringes, but also the sowing-in of lose ends. Thereafter the final products get washed. This process is also called scouring or fulling. The individual strands of yarn are starting to form more of a woolen fabric. Finally – ironing – and voila!